What's Your “Home” Saying About Your Home Daycare Business?

Well spring has finally sprung, & I don't know about you, but fall & winter have given my little cottage a fine beating. Things around here are looking a little... well, dingy.

That's certainly no way to go about marketing a business, especially a home daycare business. So before I schedule any interviews, I've gotta whip this place back into shape pronto!

Did you know that within a few seconds of a potential client driving up to your home, they have already formed an opinion of your home daycare business, good or bad?

Does "Gone In 60 Seconds" ring a bell? That Nick Cage is so dreamy in a goofy boy next door sort of way... but, I digress. lol

No matter how awesome your daycare space is "inside", your prospects may have already decided to move on simply based on their first impression of the "outside".

Bummer, huh?

So how do we get the "outside" of your home daycare business to reflect the quality of care going on "inside"?

Besides the obvious tasks of mowing the lawn & trimming the hedges, here are 10 super simple ways to add a little curb appeal to your humble abode:

Flowerbeds & Shrubs - Boy, what a difference a couple of bags of mulch can make.

Got Spiders? - Yes, spiders do serve their purpose, but it’s time to say goodbye to Charlottes Web.

House Numbers - Are they in good condition or should they be repaired, repainted, or replaced?

Litter & Debris - Make sure that your yard, driveway, walkway, etc. are free of all litter, debris, & pesky leaves.

Mailbox - Has your mailbox seen better days? This is another good candidate for a thorough scrubbing, repair job, or replacement.

Mold & Mildew - Whether you go with a store bought product or a homemade solution, be sure to try it out on a test area to avoid any major “whoopsies“.

Repairs - Address any flaking or chipped paint, loose screens, shutters, gutters, handrails, steps, etc.

Stow The Stuff - Stow away unnecessary garden goodies & equipment, unsightly garbage cans, lawn furniture or any random item that doesn‘t live in your front yard.

Welcome Aboard - Add a homey touch to your entry way with a fresh new welcome mat.

Yard Sign - Wash, repair, or replace your yard sign if necessary. Go a step further by adding some potted plants or flower box at the base to make it smile.

If you want to take this whole idea of creating curb appeal to the next level, stop by your local library to see what they have available on the topics of creating curb appeal, landscaping, home staging ( Nice career transition for you gals that are interior designers at heart) and such. (be sure to post some flyers while you're there).

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited about the idea of giving my home and business a little Spring Time pick me up.

What have you got planned?

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