USP - Does Your Family Daycare Have One? 

When you set out to attract new clients to your Family Daycare, there is one very important question that you must answer for them: Why should I choose your Family Daycare versus any other?

Your “USP“ or (Unique Selling Position) is your answer. This is what distinguishes your Family Daycare from your competition. The chief benefit of doing business with you.

Try sitting down with a pen and paper and begin to brainstorm about what makes your Family Daycare unique. For example, your Family Daycare could use any one of these as it’s “USP”…

  • Foreign Language Activities
  • Accommodations for Special Needs Children
  • Multi-Cultural Group Setting
  • Christian Curriculum
  • Odd/Extended Hours
  • Sign Language
  • #____ Years of Experience with Multiples
  •  Special Menus Available (Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, etc.)

Are you beginning to get the picture? Just think about the mom with a set of triplets, or the single dad that works weekends… who do you think they would likely choose based on the list above?

Don’t be afraid to specialize. In a sea of Family Daycare Providers, it’s your specialty that will make you stand out. Granted you won’t appeal to all parents, but that’s ok. You will certainly gain the attention of those parents with needs that match your specialty.

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