18 Free Ways To Advertise Your Family Daycare

There are many ways to go about advertising your Family Daycare, and not all of them have to cost you. The following are a few FREE methods that you can use to get the word out about your business.

Articles - Write a useful article about something that you know (Ex. 5 Safety Tips for Your Newborn Baby) and submit it to local newspapers and online article directories.

Associations - Does your local Family Daycare Association keep a referral list? If so, submit your information in order to be included.

Blogging - Drive traffic to your main website by creating a blog.

Bulletin Boards - Great place to post your business cards, flyers, or brochures.

Child Care Resource & Referral Agency - Get on the list!

Centers - Contact Daycare “Centers” in your area that do not accommodate children 2 and under. Maybe they would be willing refer those families to you.

Elevator Speech - This is your 15-30 second verbal description of your business (Who you are, What you do, and How you can become a resource for your listener).

Networking - Network with other successful providers in your area. Agree to refer any callers to them when you’re full, and in turn they will do the same for you.

Open House - Have an open house where you provide a few snacks and games for the kiddies while you mingle with prospective parents. Don’t forget to have your business cards, flyers, or brochures handy.

Press Release - Submit a newsworthy story about your Daycare to various local media outlets. (Grand Opening, Anniversaries, Grant Recipient, New Services, etc.)

Realtors - Ask your local realtors if they would be willing to place your business cards, flyers, or brochures inside the packets that they pass out to new clients moving into the community.

Referrals - Currently enrolled clients are one of your best resources for finding new families. Be sure to let them know when you have upcoming openings.

Schools - Do your local elementary schools keep list of area providers? If so, get on them. You may even want to drop off a couple of your business cards, flyers, or brochures.

Search Engines - Be sure to register your website with all the major search engines.

Signature Files - Drive traffic to your website by placing a link in your email signature. You never know who will see it and click through to your website.

Testimonials - Take advantage of what your clients have to say about you. Be sure to include client testimonials on your website and or your business cards.

Voice Mail - Don’t lose a prospective client because you couldn’t get to the phone. Direct them to your website. “You’ve reached Jane Doe’s Daycare at the Doe residence. For more details about our services, visit us online at JaneDoesDaycare.com”

Welcome Wagon - Ask your local Welcome Wagon to include your business cards, flyers, or brochures in the welcome packets that they provide to new families moving into your community.



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